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Under Arms - If you are getting white areas under your arms, try putting your arms over your head for half of your session. You might also consider using SUNsual Tan's stand-up unit, or flip over in the lay down every third session.

Lines Under the Buttocks - These lines can be caused by the weight if your body folding your skin under while you lie down. Try lifting your legs one at a time (while lying in the classic sun bathing position) for half of the session each. Also, using a stand-up unit every third tan can help eliminate these lines.

Pressure Points - Pressure points can develop under your shoulder blades and on your tail bone as a result of the lack of blood flow to these areas when your are lying down. To tan over these spots, try using the stand-up unit every third visit, or lying on your stomach.

Under Chin - Tilting your head downward during your session can cause this. If you are in a bed, use the thick part of the pillow under your neck so your head is slightly backward, exposing more of your neck. If you are in the stand-up unit try to point your head directly forward or slightly upwards.


Exfoliate - SUNsual Tan recommends exfoliating your skin before your tan to rid your body of dead skin cells, so that your tan will be darker and last longer. We recommend using a cloth wash cloth and products containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and/or Micro Beads.

Tips for Spray Tanners
• Shower and exfoliate the day of your Spray Tan (avoid oils or lotions)
• Arrive with no make up (you can remove at SUNsual Tan)
• Wear dark, loose fitting clothing
• Pull hair back away from face

• Once you Arrive - UV and Spray Tan Lipcare
We strongly recommend using an SPF product designed for the lips when UV tanning. Your lips do not contain any melanocytes and can not tan to protect themselves.

Lotion Application - SUNsual Tan carries an array of high-end indoor tanning lotions that will help moisturize your skin to maintain a healthier, longer lasting tan. In addition to moisturizing your skin, the amplifiers and accelerators in our indoor tanning lotions will generate and much darker and deeper tan.

Protection of Sensitive Areas - Certain parts of our bodies rarely if ever see the sun. SUNsual Tan recommends covering these areas up during your first few sessions (after a few sessions you can gradually increase the exposure time) 

Consult With Us - SUNsual Tan caters to each clients specific tanning and skin care needs. Based on your skin type and tanning goals, our trained consultants will help determine what tanning equipment best suits your needs, how often and how long the tanning sessions should be. As well as what skin care products to use to protect your skin and create a long lasting tan.


After a SUNsual Tan UV Session - We recommend using a high quality moisturizer and/or tan extender to keep your skin hydrated and to prolong the life of your tan. (daily use is recommended) SUNsual Tan carries both moisturizers and tan extenders to ensure satisfactory, long lasting results.

After a SUNsual Tan Spray Tan (Very Important) - In order for your Spray Tan to fully set, you must leave it on for a full 6 hours (the longer you leave it on, the longer your Spray Tan will last). Do not shower or sweat excessively for at least 6 hours after your session. Many of our Spray Tanners have left the solution on overnight for maximum results. 

Post Spray Tan Hydration - We recommend using a post spray tan product. A proprietary blend of natural skin soothing botanicals, moisture replacing essential oils, and skin defining antioxidants provides your skin with the ultimate natural hydration needed to extend the life of your spray tan.

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