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Salon Owners must haves from Amazon

o my fellow salon owners these are my favorite items to buy from Amazon.

Let me help you take the guess work or trial and error on our favorite products to purchase for your salon from Amazon. I'll attach links for easy shopping.

The very first item that I frequently purchase is a must have for spray tan artists. I like to provide sticky feet for our clients to protect the bottom of their feet from overspray. I think these add the extra touch to make the spray tan experience for your clients top notch.

I have also found that hairnets are cheaper on Amazon than ordering through my tanning distributor.

Do you provide a setting powder for your clients? We use the TANlucent setting powder from Norvell. We buy in bulk. However the applicator gets clogged. So we were replacing them often. We tried so many out there when we were finally recommended this on the spray tan artist forum on Facebook. GAME CHANGER. They spray the powder out like a dream.

Our salon is a full service tanning salon. We have UV tanning beds, Red Light therapy and sunless tans. Many of our clients are combo tanners that like to UV or red light before their sunless tans. These wraps make it easy for them to move from one room to the other without getting redressed. They come in a variety of colors so you may match your salon aesthetic.

I hope these are helpful to you. I've been a tanning salon owner for 17 years. I hope some of my knowledge is helpful to you.


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