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SAD, Seasonal Affected Disorder...

Happiness comes from inside the tanning bed, literally.

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is classified as a type of major depression with a seasonal pattern. SAD typically impacts people the most in the fall and winter months, when it’s colder and there’s less natural light. SAD affects millions, including at least 5% of adults in the United States.

It can be very difficult to get enough natural sunlight during the winter months, when the days get shorter and dark earlier. The average American spends over 90% of their day indoors. Shocking right? That's why it is crucial to get some sort of light therapy during the winter months. You can choose a few minutes several times a week in a UV Tanning bed or Red Light Therapy. If you choose the UV option you'll also benefit from a boost in Vitamin D which can help combat the average winter cold. The Red Light therapy option will give you the many benefits of red light. Benefits that aid wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, acne, inflammation, muscle fatigue and so much more. Honestly too many to list. See our previous Blog post of Red Light Therapy for Healing.

How do you know if you have or are suffering from SAD? Some SAD symptoms are oversleeping, appetite changes, weight gain, tiredness or low energy (moodiness) Now you can certainly seek treatment for SAD through medications and/or psychotherapy, but why not try a more natural approach. For severe cases we always recommend consulting your physician.

For me personally I tend to TAN in the UV beds more this time of year to one boost my mood and moodiness, but two my body literally craves light therapy. Otherwise I feel like I go into hibernation mode. I am not a bear and do not want to gain a bunch of weight and sleep away winter. Try it for yourself and let us know how much better you feel this winter. I like to do a combination of UV and red light to maximize the benefits of both light therapy.


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