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Get a Glow Before you GO

If you are traveling to a tropical destination where you will be exposed to glorious sunshine its important to build your base tan. A tan is your skins natural sunscreen.

I'd much rather build a base tan before I leave for vacation than burn on my trip. Sunburns are miserable and cause damage to your skin whereas a tan is your skins natural reaction to sunlight. Please allow 30 days to build a base tan. Building a base tan requires you to tan 2-4 times weekly. I like to go every other day or two days on and one day off. Why can't I tan every day you ask? Tanning more than three days in a row increases your chances of a burn. Sunburns, again, are damage to our skin.

When we are first starting off, you want to start slow. A good rule of thumb in our tanning levels if you burn easily start of 6-8 minutes, don't burn easily tan 8-10 minutes. You'll increase your sessions each time by one minute as long as you are not getting pink. While building your base tan it is super important to keep your skin hydrated. What are the best ways to hydrate your skin for tanning? Internally by drinking plenty of water. Externally use a professional indoor tanning lotion during your tanning session and a tan extending moisturizer for after showers or before bed daily.

After 30 days of base building you should have built up a gorgeous natural glow. This will protect you from sunburning on vacation and having to lather up in chemical sunscreens. Am I saying I don't use sunscreen? No. However with a base tan I do not have to use a lot of sunscreen or apply multiple times a day. If I do use a sunscreen I recommend this one by CosmoSun. We carry them in the salons for you to purchase. If you are not local to us you can order on Amazon and here is the link.

My routine before a vacation is base building or maintain my glow and 1-2 days before my trip getting a custom airbrush spray tan. I love the look sunless tans give my skin. Adds color and hides imperfections on the skin. Think of a sunless tan as your airbrush finish. An amazing sunless tan extender & moisturizer with shimmer is a must have. This one also by CosmoSun is our favorite!

I hope you find these simple base building tips beneficial. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you try these recommended products let us know how your liking them.


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